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me and Christine

Ok! so who are we?

My name is Johnny and with me is my Life time Partner and Bestie Christine,

Our time in the brick and mortar “JOB” arena is rapidly coming to an end with retirement from the work force imminent and leaving us “Just Over Broke”.

We are proof that is where life leads 98% of people. Sure our hard work over the last 50 years of our working life has provided us with enough energy and time to live. But what about the financial future after we can no longer summons the energy required to perform tasks that others require of us?

The truth is we are an average couple who, like most,  have had and still have massive dreams, wants and needs. The reality is however, wants and dreams alone are simply just that, without personal action toward achieving them.

Here’s What We Know 

We know it requires time, guts, hard work, determination and a full time commitment to do what’s required to sustain life as we know it to be currently. All our working lives we have had to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in just to get the bills paid.  People everywhere are still getting stuck in and will for as long as it takes to achieve personal dreams, wants and needs, a goal of dreaming about and wanting extreme freedom and a prosperous life style is the bulls eye in the distance.

To hit that bulls eye or any other target the WHY must be the determining factor,  it has to become a personal motivation and that will require personal action by way of learning and applying what works.

Will This Help Me? 

A great question, As you read though this site you will discover ways and means that may or may not help you.

We don’t know if what is and will be presented inside this website will help and that’s being truthful. What guarantee is offered is there will be some tremendous information presented. Stuff that can benefit like minded people. Information that when learnt and applied entirely through personal choice, belief and action will inevitably hit the targeted bulls eye.

What is the purpose for creating this website? >Learn More Here

 How Can I help?

If you ever need advice, have any questions, or can comment about this website please, feel free to submit it below. We are more than happy to respond and offer what ever assistance we can by way of sharing ideas and knowledge that can help you and others move forward for free and unconditionally.

All the best and thank for reading.

Johnny and Christine

Proud to be Kiwi




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