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What is the purpose for creating this website?

While you read through this website you will discover answers that will help you on your journey toward extreme freedom and Prosperity. It doesn’t matter if you have been in a job or in business for 40 years or are just starting out. To have a successful life style that offers extreme freedom needs something extra ordinary and with that said.

You must know how to make money, you must have a products or services or something else that is capable of solving problems that satisfy any need or want.

So, How do you do that…What’s the secret to solving a problem a need or a want ?

Well, it’s simple really, find out what people need or want that will solve their problem.

You can start off by in business because it’s something that you enjoy, something that you believe will help solve problems for others, satisfy others wants and needs. Now, if you are looking for a way to make money from that, and lets face it ultimately you are in business to make a profit, then what better way to do that by helping others solve a their problem and get what they need when they want it.

Let’s explore Wants versus a Needs.

want; is simply something you don’t have yet but others do.

For example,

  • A successful job/business
  • A healthy life style,
  • Financial freedom,
  • Time Freedom,
  • A House,
  • A Boat
  • A Caravan,
  • A Nice Car,
  • Or what about A Happy and prosperous life style or a Friendly/magnetic personality and lots of money.

Just to name a few attractions that people want and you may even personally know some one who wants some of the above things. But here is the tricky part, You knowing what they want won’t solve their problem because now you have to now help them get it.

  • Do you know why they want it?
  • Can you get or know where to get what they want?

Find out the answers to those questions before moving forward first and you will know if you can help someone . Now Let’s look at some examples of every day Needs.

Health, Clothing, Food, Shelter and believe it or not Money are all Imperative Needs, things you already know you must have in order to achieve and survive a basic lifestyle.

Because people sometimes can not have what they want  then the only obvious process is to gravitate toward and acquire what is needed. That’s a given just as is breathing, drinking water, and bodily functions are needs to survive. Once we grasp this basic understanding of life requirements we all without thinking move back into survival mode.

Let’s say their are those who already have everything you want, you have absolutely no idea why or even how to achieve the same for yourself. It maybe because of cost, or you don’t know how too or where to start but you know you will survive with the basics as explained. That additional Flash Car, Big House, Boat or even that fancy caravan others have now in your life becomes less important.

So Let’s explore What is important

  1. Your Health

Without Health you would probably become unwell and let’s face facts, no one likes being unhealthy once they know they are not well. Have you ever wondered why we don’t like being unwell?

Simply because it’s UN natural not be able to function fully, it’s not something you want or need in life, you won’t be thinking straight due to worrying about your future, and the worst case scenario won’t survive for very long if you or someone else does nothing about it.

In other words The end!

While continuing to read through this website you will find information necessary to understand why and how to stay healthy is a priority. You will also find information on how to help people and why?

Health is a first requirement needed for survival and should be above all other wants or needs moving forward in life.

When was the last time you checked in with your doctor let alone on your physical self?

As you read further through this website, you’ll begin to get a very clear understanding of want versus need and there are tons of valuable examples that you will relate to or, may have already experienced in life. So with your permission, connect with us and let us know you want more.

You’re about to get access to information like never before!

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